Egyptair disastrously messed up transportation of rescue cats to the USA when they smashed cat carriers

Smashed carrier carrying one of the rescue cats

Egyptair handlers managed to totally mess up the transportation a rescue cats from Egypt to America. They were transporting, in a cargo flight, 12 Egyptian street cats some of which were disabled. That’s not uncommon for Egyptian street cats as you might imagine because life is so hard in a country where there are …

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Three sibling kittens cuddled up on a public bench wait to be rescued

This is very strange. Rare I’d say. I have never seen it before. This is a bench in a public place, next to a sidewalk (pavement). How did they get there? One thought comes to my tired, cynical mind. The owner put them there. She/he abandoned them. They curled up together to stay warm. …

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Gabapentin substantially improves adoption rate of shelter cats rescued from a hoarding environment

Gabapentin combined with a behaviour modification program can substantially improve rescue cats' rehabilitation and therefore chances of adoption after being rescued from a cat hoarding environment

Cats living with a cat hoarder are almost invariably neglected. They are often only partly socialised, stressed and unhealthy. After rescue, a substantial percentage of them do not take well to a rescue facility. It may be so bad for them that they stop eating and toileting. They are essentially unadoptable because they’re so …

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Cat rescue centres in London, UK – mapped to facilitate finding them

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

This is a page dedicated to cat rescue centres in London. There are a number of very well-known rehoming centres in London. I have, by the way, listed one that is near Watford, just north of London. Some of the facilities listed are combined animal hospitals/rehoming centres. This is a select group with facilities …

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See over 150 cats in carriers loaded onto aircraft to fly from Los Angeles to Seattle

Cat rescue flight LA to Seattle

This is about getting over 150 cats out of Los Angeles to fly them to shelters in Washington state where they are guaranteed adoption in the Seattle Metro area, according to Jackson Galaxy. They’d probably not make it out of LA shelters but for this mass transportation event at which Operation Homeward Bound was …

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