Feral cat feeders versus senior citizens over the cats in a park in Mumbai, India

Feral cats of park in Mumbai - Maheshwari Udyan

MUMBAI, INDIA-NEWS AND COMMENT: The police based at Matunga Police Station have told the senior citizens who use a beautiful park called Maheshwari Udyan that they cannot have the feral cats in that park relocated out of the park. The senior citizens who use this park, which is under a flyover, say that the …

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Battle between eradicating or TNRing stray cats is enacted in Mumbai as in the USA

Flats in Mumbai where there was a dispute about feral cats in one block

Mumbai, India – opinion/news story: The enduring battle between simply destroying stray and feral cats or taking the more humane route of TNR was recently played out in block of flats in Mumbai, India and the outcome is surprising for me. The report comes from The Hindu online newspaper. A resident, Arvind Rao, of …

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Feral cats are a highly efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical pest control

Feral cats on farms in the UK

In 2019, Cats Protection in the UK had more requests than ever before from farmers to provide feral cats as pest controllers. They say that semi-feral farm cats are better than chemicals in controlling pest. In 2019 we had more requests to provide feral cats then we have ever done. – David Maners, co-ordinator …

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Rescuers save 42 feral cats from perishing slowly on Little Bay Islands, Newfoundland

One of 42 cats rescued from Little Bay Islands

This is a follow-up page from one that I wrote not long ago. It concerns the entire evacuation of a community from the main island of a group called Little Bay Islands off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. All the people have or are in the process of leaving the island and unfortunately they …

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Volunteers wanted to relocate island feral cats while the government wanted to euthanize them

Little Bay Islands young cats

Little Bay Islands is off the coast of Newfoundland and the entire colony of human inhabitants have upped sticks and moved to the mainland a while ago. The island is uninhabited but they left behind a few colonies of feral cats. Not everyone cared that the feral cats might starve because they were dependant …

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Barn cat program is a job agency for unemployed feral cats

Mesquite Animal Services Barn Cat Program

I like the description of a feral cat barn relocation programme as akin to an unemployment agency or job center for cats. It’s a term used by Maria, an intern, in her article for Dallas News.com (good article by the way). She takes it from Jeanne Saadi, the managing director of Mesquite Animal Services. …

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Community cat caretaker at trailer park tormented by evil jerk who traps and allegedly shoots them

RIP Mr. D White - Another victim of the trap and destroy and trap and dump efforts by the evil people of lot 7 and the heartless park owners

There is a trailer park in Lebanon County, PA. It’s called the Bunker Hill Trailer Park in Swatara Township. They have their community cats. A kind and generously sensitive lady looks after the cats and she is going through torment and emotional agony because an ‘evil jerk’ on the estate is trapping and allegedly …

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