Family of lions traumatized in East Ukraine by the war to be relocated to Britain

Three of the four lions being relocated from a zoo in East Ukraine during the war to Yorkshire in England for their safety and health and welfare.

NEWS AND OPINION: This will be a very good cat new story for millions of people, and many of us, I suspect, want a good new story at the moment because I can see the world drifting into World War 3 unless we are very careful and we are not being careful. In this …

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India’s much vaunted Project Cheetah ill-conceived and being killed off by red tape

Project Cheetah

NEWS AND COMMENT: You may have heard about Project Cheetah. It is the relocation of, initially, 20 cheetahs from Namibia, Africa to the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India. The cheetah was extirpated in that country by 1953 due to man’s mismanagement and cruel exploitation. The grand relocation plan envisaged there would be …

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Brexit forces rushed export of three lionesses from England to Germany

Three lionesses Rubi Heidi and Indi

London Zoo is exporting three lionesses to Schwerin Zoo in Germany in a rush to avoid what will probably be far more stringent export regulations after 1 January 2021 when the UK finally leaves the European Union. The zoo is exporting the cats to Germany to try and improve their chances of mating with …

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600 rescue cats and dogs in a Hercules C-130 plane in historic flight

Cat and dog rescue flight from Hawaii in C-130 Hercules plane

The charities involved have shipped 600 rescue cats and dogs from Hawaiian animal shelters in a Hercules C-130 plane to the US mainland in an historic operation. This is a really good photograph of cats on the tarmac at an Hawaiian airport by George F Lee. It shows the Hawaiian Humane Society admissions manager …

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Ten domestic cats mysteriously and illegally relocated to stately home near Wigan

Haigh Hall, Wigan

NEW AND VIEWS – WIGAN, UK: It is reported that 10 cats have vanished from a neighbourhood of Wigan over a four-week period and that some of them have turned up in good health roaming around a grade II listed house built between 1827 and 1840 by James Lindsay, the seventh Earl of Balcarres, …

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Sinister letter from City of Hazleton to residents about feral cats freaks them out

Feral cat Hazleton

This is a classic from that age-old feral cat problem: how to deal with them. And there is an habitual disconnect between city administrators and community residents. Not infrequently cities want instant action when there are complaints about a perceived feral cat nuisance, which in this instance meant that authorities informed the residents in …

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Outer Banks SPCA, North Carolina, emptied of all cats and dogs (video) in prep for Dorian

Empty Outer Banks SPCA shelter before Hurricane Dorian

Outer Banks SPCA is just north of Ocracoke Island which has been devastated by Hurricane Dorian with extensive and deep flooding. There have been massive floods on this thin sliver of land off the North Carolina coast. “Pray they all find their forever homes soon.” – Cindy Stoner I don’t have a report on …

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