Ten domestic cats mysteriously and illegally relocated to stately home near Wigan

NEW AND VIEWS - WIGAN, UK: It is reported that 10 cats have vanished from a neighbourhood of Wigan over…

2 months ago

Flown to UK: cats and dogs abandoned in Cyprus because of coronavirus

Companion cats and dogs have been abandoned on the island of Cyprus over fears they may spread Covid-19.

5 months ago

Sinister letter from City of Hazleton to residents about feral cats freaks them out

This is a classic from that age-old feral cat problem: how to deal with them. And there is an habitual…

1 year ago

Outer Banks SPCA, North Carolina, emptied of all cats and dogs (video) in prep for Dorian

Outer Banks SPCA is just north of Ocracoke Island which has been devastated by Hurricane Dorian with extensive and deep…

1 year ago

Boris Johnson, the UK’s new Prime Minister, must accept Larry the Cat at Number 10

Larry the Cat has been at Number 10 Downing Street since November 2011. For those who aren't sure, Number 10…

1 year ago

NY Parks chief kicks feral cat colony off Jones Beach to protect endangered birds

Rose H. Harvey, the commissioner of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation said in a…

2 years ago

Florida animal shelter flies all its animals to California ahead of Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is due to land in Florida on Saturday. Broward County shelter wanted to clear their facility entirely by…

3 years ago

Nuns trap and relocate cats that they thought were strays

[gallery columns="2" ids="101218,101217,101219,101220"] This is a surprising story because it concerns nuns who are trapping and relocating cats without permission.…

3 years ago

The Top Left-Hand Corner of the United States Of America Is a Good Place for a Pet

By the top left-hand corner of the USA I'm referring to the Inland Northwest of the country. This is an…

4 years ago