Sister and brother rescue cats separated by shelter cried for each other incessantly

Sibling cats separated at shelter and they cried for each other

This long-winded video demonstrates that shelters should keep close siblings together whenever appropriate. This is an example of separation anxiety not of a cat missing his human caretaker but of one cat missing another. Although the video is teased out … please continue reading

Veterinarians don’t know how 3 rescue cats survived 22 days in a van without anything to sustain them

Edmonton Humane Society

This was a well-publicised ‘accident’ which occurred at the Edmonton Humane Society in the spring. An investigation was carried out because an error by employees of the Humane Society resulted in three male cats being left in a locked van … please continue reading

Would a home visit have stopped this man from killing nine rescue cats and kittens?

Edmund Cunningham

Edmund Cunninghman of Middletown, Ohio, USA behaved perfectly normally when he attended New Beginnings Animal Rescue owned and run by Taylor Buttelwerth. Cunningham had made contact with Buttelwerth via Petfinder online. He claimed that he did not have any pets … please continue reading

Photo gallery of cats being rescued during Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey rescued cats

There are eight photos of cats rescued during Hurricane Harvey which I gathered together after trawling the internet for a considerable time. There are far more photographs of rescued dogs. I am not sure what this signifies if anything. It … please continue reading