Singapore’s strict domestic cat ownership rules are ahead of the world

Singapore is ahead of the world on domestic cat ownership including licensing and general regulations

I am a fan of domestic cat licensing and regulation. I am a fan of using the law to force an improvement in domestic cat caregiving. This is to improve animal welfare and reduce the number of feral cats in the world. There is far too much feral cats suffering. Singapore is ahead of …

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Cary, a North Carolina town, has a cat leash law which is more than 50 years old

Cary, a town in North Carolina, USA, has imposed cat leash laws on its residents for the past 50 years and more.

The New York Post reports on a North Carolina town called Cary where the administrators have imposed a cat leash law for more than 50 years, which may surprise many people. Even today, it is highly unusual for a local authority to impose a cat leash law on its residents. But in Cary it …

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4 places where domestic cats are totally banned

Svalbard where cats are banned

Svalbard: is probably the best-known place on the planet where domestic cats are entirely banned to protect wildlife. The main town in this remote archipelago (a cluster of islands) is Longyearbyen which is the administrative center. It is the most northerly human settlement in the world. The island is an icy wilderness with polar …

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Proactivity is the way to deal with feral cats in Australia

Take proactive steps to deal with Australia's feral cats

Australia’s Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek, recently declared war on feral cats. I thought that Australia had been at war with feral cats for a very long time so this statement came as a surprise to me. They’ve been killing feral cats (and the occasional pet cat or dog) in Australia for many years as …

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Are cats legal in Hawaii?

Bengal cats and other wild cat hybrids banned in Hawaii

Standard domestic cats are legal in Hawaii. Wild cat hybrid domestic cats are illegal in Hawaii. This is a reference to Bengal cats and Savannah cats for instance. There are other wild cat hybrids which you can refer to by clicking this link. And secondly, genuine wild cats such as the caracal and serval …

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Cats in German town under strict lockdown to save crested larks

Crested lark

COMMENT AND NEWS-WALLDORF, SOUTHWESTERN, GERMANY: The environmental officers of this German town have banned domestic cats from roaming free in an effort to stop them preying upon and eating crested larks during their breeding season. They said that their order would remain in force until September. People in breaches of the order would face …

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Are sand cats legal in California?

Sand cat

The thing about sand cats is that they look like domestic cats. They look very cute and their appearance gives people the impression that they might make a nice, exotic pet. But this is an impression and it is not the reality, unfortunately. This is a wild cat, just as wild as any other …

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Capital of Armenia makes cat and dog registration obligatory

Stray cat of Yerevan Armenia

YEREVAN, ARMENIA-NEWS AND COMMENT: The council of elders, the lawmaking assembly of the capital of Armenia have decided to take the bold step of making cat and dog registration mandatory across the entire city. The primary goal is to minimize, and they hope eliminate, stray animals in the city. Owners of dogs and cats …

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