Working domestic cats keep down rodent numbers in trenches in Ukraine’s war with Russia

Enlisted cat with the rank of sergeant

NEWS/COMMENT: It appears, as reported by the Mirror newspaper, that troops on both sides in the Ukraine war are suffering from pests such as snakes, mice and rats attracted to their trenches where there’s food. The mice are attracted and then the snakes which prey on the mice. There are nine species of snake …

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What’s a mice infestation and do cats fix the problem?

Carly has a mice infestation problem

A mice infestation is seeing 7 mice in 24 hours in your kitchen according to this woman and her daughter. I think that is a pretty fair assessment. So, let’s decide that if you see 7 or more mice in your home in one 24-hour cycle you have a genuine mice infestation which means …

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Temple officials in India fear that ultrasonic rat repellents will disturb the gods’ sleep

Temple officials in India fear that ultrasonic rat repellents will disturb the gods but CATS are ineffective in getting rid of them

NEWS AND OPINION-JAGANNATH TEMPLE, INDIA: For me, this is an interesting clash between religious belief and practicalities. And in passing it is about cats! The 12th century Jagannath Temple in eastern India is revered by Hindus. It is a pilgrimage site. It is beloved and a very important temple. But it is under attack …

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“Green rodent control” – what is it and how good is it?

Green rodent control program run by Tree House Humane Society

I continue to be impressed by the green rodent control program as operated by Treehouse Humane Society in Chicago. As you might expect, it’s a reference to putting feral cats back on the streets in locations where there is a perceived rat problem. The cats deter the rats and because nasty chemicals are not …

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Australia is killing all their feral cats and now they have a mouse plague

Mouse plague of Australia

It is said that Australia’s out-of-control mouse plague could last for up to 2 years unless the government takes urgent action in giving farmers free poison which is an anticoagulant. The mice die of internal bleeding. The trouble is that the poison is dangerous to other wildlife. Trying to kill a specific animal with …

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Wake up Australians! Use the community cat to fight the plague of mice in New South Wales

Mice invasion in NSW Australia

NEWS AND COMMENT: what is shocking about this story is that it tells us about a plague of mice in New South Wales which is making people miserable without a mention of the world’s best mice deterrent. There are reports of people being woken up by mice biting their feet or crawling across their …

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Marin feral cat population is being managed properly

Marin Friends of Ferals -Career Cat Program for feral cats

This is an example of how a local feral cat population can be properly managed. It’s happening in Marin County, USA. Janet Williams, the co-founder and president of Marin Friends of Ferals, explains what she means by feral cats being managed properly. Janet has worked with feral cats in and around Marin for 14 …

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Feral cats are better than chemicals for keeping down rats

Some home owners are using feral or semi-feral cats to control an influx of rats in Oceanside, Calif, USA. One property owner in the video says cats are better than chemicals.  Cat are better than poisons for the obvious reason that poisons are indescriminate. They kill any animal whereas the primary prey of the …

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