Cat rescued by firefighters was euthanized because he had FIV

Rescued cat had FIV and was put down

Firefighters went to considerable effort to save the life of a cat who had fallen into a canal and was stuck. The RSPCA took charge after the successful rescue. They determined that as the cat had FIV he was not fit for returning to where he was found or rehoming. The cat seems to have been domesticated. They made a poor judgement in my view. please continue reading

Cat and her eight kittens found abandoned in a suitcase on abandoned railway line in Essex

Rescued kittens from railway line

The RSPCA of London and Wales is conducting an investigation after a cat and her eight kittens were found abandoned inside a zipped-up suitcase on a disused railway line in Halstead, Essex. This is the story of a black and … please continue reading