25% of 10–18-year-old kids in UK exposed to animal cruelty. Restrictions needed.

Kids on smartphones accessing social media platforms where they are likely to see animal cruelty content that should not be there

The RSPCA have, at last, caught on to the fact that social media is provoking or encouraging kids to engage in animal cruelty. It’s a complicated issue but essentially the RSPCA is saying that children “torture animals for likes on social media”. Tell me something new. This has been an issue for years. Millions …

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Flat-faced cats take longer to be rehomed than moggies after being dumped over care bills

Tear duct overflow due to a deformed drainage system in a flat-faced Persian who also seems to be suffering from a deformed mouth due to the same reason: extreme breeding

The RSPCA tell us (via The Times – thanks) that dumped Persian and Exotic Shorthair cats at their rescue centres take longer to be rehomed than moggies because people have begun to understand that there are expensive caregiving bills which is why they were dumped in the first place. It would appear that, finally, …

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84 cases of cats being shaved illegally (March 2023)

Shaved cat example

NEWS AND COMMENT-UK: This is a news item which has been circulating in the UK for a while and it is developing hence this report. I’m told that there are now 84 cases of domestic cats being shaved illegally. I’m referring to indoor/outdoor cats who are perhaps outdoors at night and somebody, a criminal …

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RSPCA prosecute Kurt Zouma and his brother Yoan under the Animal Welfare Act 2006

Kurt Zouma

This is an update on the viral new story concerning Kurt Zouma and his brother Yoan who respectively kicked the family cat and videoed the kicking. To add insult to injury Yoan uploaded his video to social media which resulted in catastrophic criticism of the pair, booing on the pitch and now prosecution for …

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Vigilantes taking the law into their own hands on domestic cats killing wildlife

Vigilante letter demanding that residents of a Canberra street lock up their cats or else

AUSTRALIA NEWS AND VIEWS: In certain parts of Canberra, there are cat containment ordinances which makes it compulsory to keep cats inside but in other parts they are allowed outside. In one of these districts there is an individual who is acting as a vigilante in delivering threatening letters to their neighbours. A vigilante …

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