The face of heartbreak: Cat at NC shelter may only have a few days to find a new home

UPDATE May 2, 2018 ADOPTED! I’ll be writing an update Thursday night. This is the face of heartbreak. Once this sad-eyed kitty becomes available at a North Carolina shelter, he may only have a few days to find a home before being killed. People are upset, to say the least. We can help by …

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This Oh So Sad Semi-feral Cat is Given Treatment, TLC and a Home

Like humans, cats have to make the best of the hand that they are dealt with. This boy, like most feral cats, was dealt a tough hand. He survived in a feral cat colony for nine years. He was being fed by a nice person in his backyard. But he was feral and it …

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World’s Saddest Looking Cat (droopy-eyed Persian)

This is Pixie, a very cute little calico Persian, living in Bristol, UK, who looks sad but the only reason she looks sad is because selective breeding has given her an abnormal facial structure of droopy, large eyes and a sad looking mouth. Her appearance is all “manufactured by people”. It is artificial and …

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