Rock salt, grit and domestic cats and dogs. A discussion.

Rock salt used in winter to melt icy sidewalks and roads is a danger to pets

It is that time of year when we have to discuss rock salt! Britain, today, is under the cosh of a deep-freeze; subzero temperatures and icy roads which have been and will be sprayed with rock salt by council workers. And I’m sure around the countryside there are cat and dog owners spreading rock …

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Do domestic cats like the taste of salt? Plus info on flavour and odour enhancers.

Do domestic cats like the taste of salt?

The internet provides discombobulated information on this topic! For example, the website Excited Cats tells me that cats like salt. They like the taste of it they say. And of course, a modicum of salt (sodium chloride) is necessary for body functions. I’m not sure that they are right that cats like salt because …

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How sensitive is a cat’s sense of taste?

Domestic cat's sensitivity to four basic tastes

A domestic cat’s sense of taste is not quite as good as ours which is reassuring because in many respects the domestic cat’s senses are superior to ours. However, as you might know, they have difficulty in tasting sweetness. Like us, the domestic cat responds to 4 basic tastes: sour bitter salt and sweet. …

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