5 small cats can make a living in the desert

Several small cats make a living in the desert some of which also live in cold climates.

Although there is only one true desert-living small cat, the sand cat, there are four other small wild cat species that can make a living in the desert: Pallas’s cat, bobcat, Andean cat and pampas cat. Bobcats occur in four deserts of North America. The bobcat has a very wide distribution which is why …

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I explain the reason why the Andean cat has a grey/brown coat and the sand cat has a sandy coat

How evolution changed the coats of the sand cat and Andean cat

Natural selection and selection pressures over millions of years of evolution is the reason why the Andean mountain cat has a predominantly grey coat while the sand cat has a sandy-coloured, even coat. These small wild cats illustrate how evolution works. The process is not about cats consciously adapting to the habitat where they …

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3 wild cats you’ve never heard of with particular skills

Newman the sand cat at San Diego Zoo

If you are up to scratch on your wild cat species, you might have heard of this trio. Two are small, about the size of a domestic cat, while the third is medium-sized. The video comes from San Diego Zoo. The lady who provides the voice-over has, I think, made quite a nice selection …

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When and where was the sand cat discovered?

Sand cat discovered in 1856 by Victor Loche who described the species in this book.

The sand cat was discovered in 1856 by Captain Victor Loche at Ngouca in the sand dunes of eastern Algeria near the Libyan border. He was on an 1856-1857 French expedition to the Algerian section of the Sahara. He was listing and describing the mammals and birds of the area for the book Catalogue …

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Sand cat has a home range of up to 1,758 square kilometers

Sand Cat

A study has come to the astonishing conclusion that the diminutive sand cat, about the size of a small domestic cat at 7.5 pounds, has an enormous home range in Morocco. Or, perhaps, it doesn’t have a home range at all and is nomadic. Either way the revelation is extraordinary. In Morocco female sand …

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Do cats have the quickest reflexes of all land-based mammals?

Cats' reflex times are faster than snake attack times

Do cats have the quickest reflexes of all land-based mammals? The research on this topic it a little bit sketchy but strong anecdotal evidence does indeed point to the fact that cats have the quickest reflexes. I’m going to rely at least partly on videos on TikTok showing cats attacking snakes. It allows me …

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