Woman captures lion with bare hands in Kuwait and carries it down the street

Woman carries pet lion down Kuwaiti street

Location: Sabahiya a suburb of Kuwait City, Kuwait, Middle East. The title to this article is click bait. I am not immune to using click bait from time to time. But the video is remarkable. It’s on Twitter and it shows a Kuwaiti woman capturing and carrying a subadult lion down the street at …

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Multiple misdeeds over Saudi gift to Trump of cheetah and white tiger robes

What were presented to Donald Trump as genuine cheetah and tiger fur robes turned out to be fake following an inspection by the US Fish and Wildlife service

NEWS AND COMMENT: For me, this is a story of multiple misdeeds as I have described it. During Trump’s tenure of the presidency of the United States he visited Saudi Arabia and was given expensive gifts. The gifts were presented to him during his 2017 trip; his first overseas presidential visit. They included cheetah …

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Islamic faith drives concern for stray cats of Jeddah during coronavirus pandemic

Feeding Jeddah's stray cats

NEWS/VIEWS-SAUDI ARABIA: in accordance with the teachings of the Islamic faith, animal advocates and caring residents in the city of Jeddah, have come up with an innovative method to feed hungry, stray cats which is needed because of rigid restrictions on movement introduced to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus which has prevented …

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Completely Misplaced Ideology in Saudi Arabia Results in Ban on Cat Selfies But Allows Abuses of Human Rights

Saudi Cat Selfie

We are informed that a senior cleric in Saudi Arabia, when told that there was a trend in taking pictures with cats amongst Saudi citizens, banned the taking of cat selfies as a way of forcing its citizens to avoid becoming like Westerners. Nothing is worse, it seems, in Saudi Arabia than becoming like …

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Saudi Men Torturing Cats

I forget how I stumbled upon these two examples of Saudi men torturing street cats. There seems to be quite a few street cats in Saudi Arabia. My research indicates a callous attitude towards feral cats in line with what Ahsan says about the attitude of many Pakistanis in Pakistan towards their feral cats. …

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