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Bengal cat likes playing around in water

Which cat likes water?

Among the domestic cats, the Bengal cat, a popular wild cat hybrid, and a purebred, pedigree cat tends to like water and the same can be said about the Savannah cat which is also...

Idris F2 Savannah cat went missing

Will a Savannah cat protect you?

No, in general (with some exceptions), under normal circumstances, a Savannah cat will not protect you like a guard dog. I wouldn’t adopt a Savannah cat to protect me as it wouldn’t work. The...

Loki an abandoned high filial Savannah cat

Unwanted high filial Savannah cats

As the video presenter says, it is indeed a great shame that such a beautiful cat has been abandoned by his owners. Loki is a male, high filial (probably an F1 or F2) Savannah...

Hurricane Harvey rescued cats

Is it true that cats hate water?

Domestic cats don’t universally hate water and some wild cats like water. It depends on whether they are wild or domestic, the individual cat, whether they are a wild cat hybrid or not, and...

F1 Savannah cats

How big are Savannah cats?

The size of Savannah cats depends upon how far removed genetically they are from the wild serval which is the wild cat element in all Savannah cats. To put it another way the size...

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