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Fraudster selling F1 Savannah kittens

Why is the Savannah cat illegal?

I will keep the answer short and to the point because I written a lot about the Savannah cat in different articles and you can see the main article by clicking on this link....

Savannah cat enters neighbor's home and attacks one of their cats

Illegal Savannah cat enters neighbor’s home and attacks their cat

A Savannah cat, possible a relatively high filial and therefore slightly more wild, surreptitiously entered a neighbor’s home and attacked one of the home owner’s cats, a calico. The cat was seized by animal control because this breed is and wild cat hybrid and illegal in Rhode Island, USA. A bad outcome for all concerned and it could have been avoided.

Savannah Cat Photograph

Savannah Cat Photograph

This is another excellent cat photograph by Helmi Flick. This is a Savannah cat. Judging by her appearance she looks to be a first or second filial cat meaning two generations from the wild...

A1 Savannahs New Ownership

A1 Savannahs New Ownership

A1 Savannahs has changed hands from Martin and Kathrin Stucki to Martin M. Engster and family. This was a two stage handover. At first, the Stucki’s sold a share in the business and then...

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