Bengal and Savannah cats outside can look like wild cats and they can frighten the public

Bengal cat outside looks like a wild cat

I think that one very good reason why it is inadvisable to allow your wildcat hybrid such as the Bengal or Savannah cats outside unsupervised is because, at a distance, and if an observer is unsure, they look very much like a genuine wild cat. Perhaps the observer lets their imagination run wild and …

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Which cat likes water?

Bengal cat likes playing around in water

Among the domestic cats, the Bengal cat, a popular wild cat hybrid, and a purebred, pedigree cat tends to like water and the same can be said about the Savannah cat which is also a wild cat hybrid. The same can probably said about the other wildcat hybrids e.g Chausie. You can see a …

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Is it true that cats hate water?

Hurricane Harvey rescued cats

Domestic cats don’t universally hate water and some wild cats like water. It depends on whether they are wild or domestic, the individual cat, whether they are a wild cat hybrid or not, and possibly what breed of cat we are discussing. The idea that domestic cats hate water has been promulgated in a …

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