Dogs are more likely to scavenge on their owner’s dead body than cats

Elderly cat and dog owner

While the subject is quite grim, it’s intriguing to note that a 2015 study documented 63 instances of dogs consuming their deceased owners. Remarkably, in a quarter of these cases, the dogs began to eat the remains less than a day after their owner’s death, even though they had access to other food sources …

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Are small wild cats and the domestic cat scavengers?

Domestic cats can be scavengers and it is probably correct to say that this applies to all small wild cat species as well.

Yes, for all the above is probably the answer. We know that domestic cats are scavengers because all their life they eat ‘dead’ animals in the commercially prepared food that we give them. Domestic cats allowed outside sometimes catch and eat live animals. Not all do. My cat can go from killing and eating …

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Do domestic cats like the taste of salt? Plus info on flavour and odour enhancers.

Do domestic cats like the taste of salt?

The internet provides discombobulated information on this topic! For example, the website Excited Cats tells me that cats like salt. They like the taste of it they say. And of course, a modicum of salt (sodium chloride) is necessary for body functions. I’m not sure that they are right that cats like salt because …

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Domestic cats had to hunt before the 1980s to obtain the correct nutrients

Dry cat food at a clinic

Summary: Before the 1980s pet food was not great. Due to ignorance, it did not contain all the required nutrients for cats. They had to hunt to ensure they had a balanced diet containing the nutrients they needed. The title to this article might surprise people. It surprised me when I read about this …

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