Infographic on the reasons why cats scratch armchairs

Cat scratching furniture

This is a hugely debated topic on the internet and has been for years so nothing new here except this is a free-to-use infographic covering the main points. For me the last point in the infographic is the most important. When the family cat destroys a favorite armchair, I understand the consternation. It is …

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Infographic on cat scratching post designs

A slightly isosteric topic but an important one nonetheless as you really want your cat to use the brand-new scratching post that has just been delivered from Amazon. One of the fears of cat owners is that their cat won’t use the scratching post that they have carefully selected. They will if it is …

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How to tell your cat NO to using your furniture as a scratching post

Very old scratched armchair that was protected with wide double-sided tape late in life!

You want your cat to scratch. It’s in their DNA. They need to do it to feel normal. It is absolutely part and parcel of the behaviour of a domestic cat. You want your cat to behave normally as it enhances their feeling of wellbeing. It is so deep-rooted in the domestic cat psyche …

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How do I stop my cat scratching the carpet and furniture?

Smart scratching post

There are three points to make in response to the question in the title. The first point is that you want your cat to scratch something! This is because it is natural cat behaviour and you want your cat to express his or her natural behaviour because it makes them more content (feline mojo). …

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How can I stop my cat scratching my carpet?

Marvin at scratching post

The facetious answer is to get rid of your carpet. I am actually a believer that the best homes for domestic cats are those without carpets. There are other advantages namely winning the battle against fleas. In removing the carpet you remove a place for fleas to hide before jumping onto cats. I just …

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