4 reasons why cats join owners under bed covers

Domestic cats like to go under the bed covers for four reasons depending on the individual cat and their mood

I can think of at least four good reasons why domestic cats sometimes – depending on the cat and their mood – love to slither under the duvet while their caregiver is in bed. This is perhaps most likely to happen in the early hours of the morning for an indoor/outdoor cat who’s been …

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Pros and cons of taking your leash-trained cat to public places for walks

Woman takes her cat for a walk in the evening in suburbia

I’d like to provide my input first and secondly I have added the experiences of others with their thoughts and advice. Whether leash training and taking your cat for a walk in a public place is good or bad depends on a variety of factors, the most important of which is the character of …

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Cats sleeping in the ‘dead position’

How domestic cats sleep and snooze sometimes which shows that they feel secure

When domestic cats sleep in the “dead position” (i.e. they look as if they are dead) it’s because they feel sublimely secure in their home environment. They are belly-up and therefore vulnerable. I don’t think you’ll see this very often if ever in the wild. I’m referring to the wildcat ancestor of the domestic …

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Why do cats and dogs fall asleep so much faster than humans?

The first point to make is that some humans fall asleep as fast as cats and dogs. It is difficult to generalise. You could tackle the question from the other end and ask why do humans have difficulty getting off to sleep? There’s a long list of reasons and these reasons don’t apply to …

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Cat flap robots: another type of lockdown is required during the coronavirus pandemic

Petlatch - is it safe against modern burglars?

The “other type of lockdown” that I’m referring to is a mentality because the cyber criminals are trying to get into the minds of gullible people who now need to lockdown their brains and steel themselves to resist them. Educate yourselves on modern criminality, please. And, yes, watch the catflap too. Burgeoning cybercrime and …

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