UK pet insurance. More excluded treatments. Rising cost of cover.

Confused pet owner because the insurance policy is baffling

The Sunday Times has reported that in the UK, the range of treatments not covered by pet insurance policies is growing, as is the cost of the policies themselves. Consequently, self-insurance is becoming an appealing alternative. Additionally, pet owners face the added burden of rising veterinary service costs in the UK, prompting some to …

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Pet health insurance essentials infographic

Pet health insurance

I felt that an infographic would be a great way to present the essentials of pet health insurance. I sometimes also feel that the insurance companies deliberately make things complicated to entice customers to sign up to the kind of policy terms and conditions that are best for the insurer! Cat owners should also note that perhaps the best form of pet health insurance is a personal savings account! Although that does require a lot of self-discipline to ring fence the saving account into which you transfer around £50 per month. Once the savings have built up you have an insurance policy without an expensive admin fees. It is my personal favorite form of pet health insurance.

Pet health insurance essentials.

Cost of pet insurance in UK can be the same as the cost of car insurance (2023)

Cat health insurance

The Which? website lists the most expensive breeds of cats and dogs to insure but the information is confused except in one way: it’s expensive and in certain instances the equivalent of insuring your car. The average cost of car insurance in the UK is around £400 depending upon the type of insurance you …

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7 tips (and thoughts) on saving cat caregiving costs during the cost-of-living crisis

Cutting costs in looking after your cat during the cost-of-living crisis

Here are 7 tips combined with some reality-check thoughts on how to save cat caregiving costs during the cost-of-living crisis in the UK. A lot of people will want to try and save money over the winter particularly with dramatically escalated gas and electricity charges. There are reports of an increase in cat and …

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Some pros and cons of pet health insurance

Pet insurance consultation

This is a complicated subject but there are definitely pros and cons to pet health insurance. I’ll start with the pros i.e. the things that are good about it. But I discuss things as they occur in a flow of consciousness! If I’ve missed something please comment – thanks. The first thing that is …

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What about a National Health Service for pets?

An NHS for Pets in the UK

As an item on a wish list, I would include a National Health Service for pets. I’m referring to the NHS in the UK which of course is exclusively for people but it begs the question why we can’t have something similar for companion animals. After all, we relate to companion animals as members …

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Insurance quotes – random bred cat. Insurance company: BOUGHT BY MANY

Pet insurance

For a bit of fun, I filled in the form for an insurance quote online on the BOUGHTBYMANY pet insurance website. The intention was to see the end result and to check out the questions. My cat is what the insurance company call a “mixed”. This is a random bred cat in my language. …

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Pet savings account to pay for self-insurance

Pet savings account

A designated pet savings account at your bank is a good way to manage self-insurance for cat and dog companion health. A little while ago I suggested that self-insurance is a better way to insure your pet’s health because you avoid the administration charges of a big insurance company and their necessity to make …

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