Infographic on 3 drugs to treat CDS (senility) in domestic cats plus extra information

CDS drug treatments for cats

CDS is an acronym for ‘Cognitive Disfunction Syndrome in domestic cats and dogs. It means senility or dementia in layperson’s terminology. Senility impacts over 50% of cats over the age of 15 years. And domestic cats lives longer nowadays which is what is happening with their caregivers as well. All the more need to …

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Does Aktivait improve cognitive function in senile domestic cats?

Aktivait for cats works in my view based on my research

The experts call dementia (senility) in cats and dogs ‘Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome’. Fine but it makes it sound more complicated. When I think of dementia in companion animals and humans I think of a gradual decline and really nothing to stop it. That’s the clear message you get from all the television reports. But …

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