How to sex kittens – 5 explanations

Male kitten genitals

How to sex kittens? It can be tricky. Sexing Kittens or indeed cats is a problem for breeders (sometimes) and certainly for people not intimately involved in the cat world. This article sets out to demystify it. That, anyway, is the intention. The information mainly comes from cat breeders, the best source for this …

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My cat Steve turned out to be a girl: She had her kittens in my bed on my belly!

Posted April 1, 2017    By Wanda Fraser It all started with Steve or, as she was known then, Pacino. My husband swore we could never have a cat. He’d had cats before. “Kittens are cute…” he said, “…but they grow up to be cats.” The most amazing friend a girl could ask for, …

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Is this cat female?

Sexing kittens

Is this a photo of a female cat? Sexing kittens can be tricky, I think. I have looked at a ton of images and read the books and then scratched my head and bitten my fingernails 😉 . Below is a picture of the rear end of a female cat. Below the image are …

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