In the UK 38% of cats adopted were purebred pedigree in 2022

Purebred cat versus moggie

Cats Protection ran a survey and reported on 6 April 2023 that “38% of cats acquired in 2022 (600,000 cats) were pedigrees such as Ragdolls or Scottish Folds while 47% (or 750,000 cats) were moggies”. They say that that is the narrowest gap between the adoption of purebred cats and random-bred cats in living …

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Animal lovers protest in front of a Las Vegas shelter run by the Animal Foundation

Animal lovers protest in front of the Las Vegas shelter run by the Animal Foundation

NEWS AND OPINION: This is about a dog but it could equally be about a cat. The same issue of rescue animal character assessment by shelter staff presents itself all the time. The picture shows a group of animal lovers protesting in front of an animal shelter run by an organisation called the Animal …

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Canine and feline behaviour evaluation at shelters

Assessing cat and dogs at shelters

There would appear to be no safe and comprehensive personality and behaviour testing procedures to assess dogs and cats at shelters with accuracy. Nathan Winograd, American’s expert on animal shelters, states that “current temperament testing regimes for dogs do not qualify as objective criteria as they have been found to be no better than …

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Stress should not be a death sentence for shelter animals. Discuss.

Dog in pound in the US

The words of the title come from Nathan Winograd, America’s leading expert on animal shelters and one of the country’s leading animal advocates. He is referring to new legislation for New York State that came into force recently having been signed off by New York Gov Kathy Hotchul. Nathan Winograd argued very cogently against …

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