Nauseating picture of a cougar strapped to a Lamborghini

Rich sport hunter ties his shot cougar to the back of his Lambo

This is a personal tirade. Almost a rant. Sorry, but this man’s behavior makes me angry. He appears to have asked his wife (or a friend) to photograph him with his son as he holds the head of the cougar that he just shot dead on a hunting trip. A very pleasant (not) family …

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West Texas Big Bobcat Contest is grotesque and cruel

West Texas bobcat killing contest

In Texas they have a bobcat shooting contest called the West Texas Big Bobcat Contest. And on Twitter X, Christina, an animal advocate, has posted a photograph (see below) of competitors bringing in their shot bobcats I guess for weighing to see whether they’ve won the competition. To me, it looks grotesque and callously …

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New Zealand journalist loves domestic cats and wants to shoot feral cats. Crazy?

Patrick Gower who sees nothing wrong in shooting feral cats

Patrick Gower is mixed up in my opinion. He has a Wikipedia page so he has some influence. And he supports the North Canterbury hunting competition in New Zealand which attracted so much criticism recently as it entailed kids of 14 shooting at feral cats that could be domestic cats. Other animals are in …

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Shooting cats as a form of euthanasia?

Under normal circumstances, is it possible to 'euthanize a feral cat with a .22 rifle?

This is a discussion about whether shooting cats as a type of euthanasia is humane or inhumane. Why am I discussing it? Because a lot of people shoot a lot of cats, primarily feral cats but sometimes domestic cats and stray cats. These are the world’s shooters. Most of them are in Australia (Oz). …

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U.S. Army reversed ban on shooting cats and dogs for wound testing and PETA are livid

US Army testing on animals by shooting at them and checking the wound caused

PETA usefully sets out the history of this grim and disturbing story of animal cruelty. They state on their website that the then Secretary of Defence, Casper Weinberger, permanently banned the shooting of dogs and cats in “wound labs”. The year was 1983 and Mr Weinberger banned the practice because of PETA’s campaign to …

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Police won’t do anything about our new neighbours shooting outdoor cats

It is not uncommon for cruel idiots to take pot shots at cats with bb guns in the US

On social media, there is a plea for help from a homeowner whose new neighbours are shooting outdoor cats with BB guns and the police won’t do anything about it – “Our new neighbors are shooting the outdoor cats with bb guns. Police aren’t doing anything. Who can I contact to fight this?”. This …

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Arrogant hunter addicted to killing feral cats

Trapped cat

He is a self-declared redneck. I can barely bring myself to write about this person. This is because he is so different to me. He is different to millions of Americans as well. He confesses that he is addicted to hunting, fishing and trapping et cetera. Included in that desire to kill animals is …

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