Donald Trump and Kristi Noem are toxic for animal welfare and conservation

Trump with Noem

OPINION: There’s been a lot of talk about Kristi Noem recently because she shot her young dog in a gravel pit on her farm because she considered the dog to be useless as a hunting dog and by all accounts was very irritated with Cricket’s behaviour. She didn’t consider retraining him or rehoming him. …

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Potential Trump VP Kristi Noem defends shooting her dog

Kristi Noem

An internet story dating back 20 years details an incident involving potential Trump VP Kristi Noem, who reportedly shot her dog named Cricket on her South Dakota farm. She deemed the dog untrainable and dangerous, leading to its death in a gravel pit. Kristi Noem, the Governor of South Dakota, expressed dislike for the …

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Ohio cop’s shooting of a golden retriever who approached him calls into question the police vetting process

The moment Dixie is shot by Officer Palmer

NEWS AND VIEWS-LORAIN, OHIO, USA: I have watched the relevant section of this viral video currently being extensively reported by the news media and I have come to the inevitable conclusion that the Ohio police department’s vetting procedure when employing new police officers is inadequate. There is no question in my mind that the …

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