Siamese Cat Breeder Mishandles His Cat

Are you as surprised as me at this photo from a 1952 cat show? Is it cat cruelty? It is close to it. The person carrying the cats would probably say that he does it all the time and nothing … please continue reading

Cat Breed Standards Have Changed

In 1903, the cat fancy in England – probably the only cat fancy of the time – considered that the purebred, pedigree cat had a standard set of anatomical features that applied across the board. It made no difference if … please continue reading

Siamese Cat Picture Gallery

The intention behind publishing this Siamese cat picture gallery is not to present row upon row of beautiful Siamese cats but to try and be vaguely instructional in showing quite a wide variety of “ordinary” Siamese cats from different parts … please continue reading

Siamese Cats and Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal Fiber Response

There is a connection between Siamese cats and Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal Fiber Response formula. Or there should be! My research indicates that this specialist cat food is effective although it is expensive.You can read Kathy’s comment in response to … please continue reading