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Chocolate point modern Siamese with unusual markings and a snow white coat

Siamese cat breeders in Alabama and Florida

Looking for Siamese cat breeders in Alabama? I first wrote this page in 2011 and I struggled somewhat then to find Siamese cat breeders in Alabama or neighbouring Florida. Some of those breeders have...

Blue pointed Siamese

Picture of a blue point modern Siamese cat

Blue Point Modern Siamese Cat – photo copyright Helmi Flick In addition to the blue pointed Siamese above, this cat breed can be seen in all the pointed colours including: seal, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn,...

Survey on whether Siamese cats should be indoors or not

Are Siamese cats indoor cats?

Are Siamese cats indoor cats? The answer very much depends on the cat’s human caretaker. That’s obvious but it needs stating. It is a philosophical question to a certain extent. Attitudes about letting cats...

Siamese cat at RSPCA

RSPCA Adopts Out 55 Siamese Cats

This is a first in the history of animal shelter adoption. The RSPCA, at various facilities in the southeast of England, were holding 55 Siamese cats for adoption. They were rescued from a single...

Trident, a three-legged flame pointed Siamese type cat

The Intelligent Siamese Cat

  by Michael (London) Traditional Siamese cat – photo by fofurasfelinas (Flickr) see base of page for link This short story is about a Siamese cat who lived with a scientist, J.H. Hetherington, a...

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