Indicators for a vitamin B6 dietary supplement in domestic cats

Vitamin B6 deficiency may be present in sick and/or elderly domestic cat according to a study.

Our study supports that vitamin B6 dietary supplementation may be indicated in junior to adult animals diagnosed with an infectious, chronic, or acute condition or healthy cats with body weight ranging from optimal to overweight. In older cats, even if healthy, underweight to optimal cats appear to be at risk of vitamin B6 deficiency. …

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Cat Vomiting – including types of vomiting for diagnosis

Feline vomiting a hairball?

Introduction I hope you find this page useful. It has been updated. One of the difficulties for a good cat caregiver is to know whether there cat is genuinely ill if and when they vomit. Domestic cats are good at vomiting. But sometimes it’s just a day-to-day matter; something not to concern a good …

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3 things that you should do if your cat is sick after eating commercial cat food

Cat Vomit

Your cat is sick after eating commercially manufactured cat food. There are two ways to interpret the word “sick”. It might mean that your cat is vomiting or it might mean that your cat is vomiting AND looks unwell for a while because of other behaviours. 1. Poisoned? It’s going to come down to …

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Greenville Man Has Found His Gift in Nursing Sick Shelter Cats Back to Health


Today I’d like to introduce the PoC community to a very well known fosterer for Greenville County Animal Care in Upstate South Carolina. This man is a dear friend to all of the Greenville cat advocates and has made a name for himself by nursing sick kittens and cats back to health.  Bobby Knight …

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Feeding the Sick Cat

A short cat health thought/tip, no more. There are diets – “nutritional therapies” – for sick cats. They are meant to improve the chances or rate of recovery. Their effect is slow and certainly not immediate. The cat caretaker should reflect on the appropriate time to introduce a new diet to their sick cat. …

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Kiki – He found us and we took him in

By Maria This is the very first picture of Kiki relaxing on our deck. He’s around 6 months old, his paw was shaved in the emergency hospital. I found him a few days earlier in our front yard starving, sick and screaming for help. I was not sure I’d be able to keep him …

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