Sleeping with your dog results in poorer sleep according to a study

Woman sleeping with her dogs and cat

The study, dated March 6, 2024, and titled “Co-sleeping with pets, stress, and sleep in a nationally representative sample of United States adults,” concludes that sleeping with dogs may lead to poorer sleep quality, whereas sleeping with cats does not appear to have the same detrimental effect. Additional findings from the study are summarized …

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Emotionally cats help people to sleep but behaviorally they disrupt sleep

Man's sleep is disturbed by his cat! He can't breathe.

There appears to be two opposing forces in play when it comes to how cats and dogs affect human sleep. On the positive side, the emotional support and warmth that cats and dogs bring to their human caregivers promotes better sleep. On the negative side, the behavior of a companion animal – particularly cats …

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Are cats good or bad for human sleep?

Sleeping with 2 cats

An alternative question might be: “Do cat companions disturb human sleep?” And having spent a good while looking at research and articles on this topic, there is no clear answer to the question in the title disappointingly. Falling back on personal experience I have to confess that my cat does indeed disturb my sleep …

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