Snow leopard population size (2022). Low and declining.

Snow leopard Flehmen response

The title to this page tells you that I’m going to provide you snow leopard population sizes as at 2022. It should be noted, however, that the latest information is 2016. That might seem quite bad but actually it’s quite good. It’s about six years out of date but you don’t get much better …

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Facts about the snow leopard – succinct with great pictures

Snow leopard - superb cat and background

Here are some facts about the snow leopard. These are summaries together with links to lots more. The snow leopard is elusive and mysterious; rarely seen. They have massive home ranges. They have the longest tails of all the cats on my assessment because they need them for balance. They chase down blue sheep …

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Highest-living mammalian predators on land: snow leopard and puma

Snow leopard and puma

The puma a.k.a. mountain lion and cougar, together with the snow leopard are the two mammalian predators living at the highest elevations above sea level, on the planet. They are, therefore, listed in the Guinness World Records. They state that the snow leopard’s distribution covers 12 countries (their historic range covered 2.5 million square …

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