Did Royal Canin Lightweight Care dry cat food give 5 Somali cats IBD?

Lynne Moorman and Tarek at the Sydney Royal show in 2019

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: There is a report this morning of Somali cats falling ill after eating a new version of Royal Canin Lightweight Care dry cat food. Lynne Moorman said her 6 Somali (longhaired Abyssinian) purebred cats become ill (one is non-purebred). Perhaps it was coincidence? The manufacturer stated that there are no issues with …

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Picture of Marine Le Pen and her Somali cat

Marine Le Pen and her Somali cat

This is a great picture that I have ‘stolen’ (sorry but it is too good) from Marine Le Pen’s Instagram page. As far as I know no one has mentioned that the cat in the photo must be a Somali purebred. The Somali is a longhaired Abyssinian. I prefer the Somali to the Abyssinian …

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16 facts about the Somali cat

Somali cat

Here are 16 facts about the one of the most attractive of all the purebred cats; the Somali. Intro: one of the great strengths, for me, in terms of their attractiveness is that they are a very normal looking cat but with a very refined and elegant appearance. In other words, this is a …

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What is fawn colour in cats?

Fawn Abyssinian cat

Introduction I have to make an initial point about colour reproduction. When it comes to fine and precise colour reproduction photography can be unreliable. There are numerous reasons for this including the lighting, the reproduction in books and on the Internet and so on. Therefore you can’t really expect an exact reproduction of the …

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Swoon over these stunning Somali cats

Long haired Abyssinians - the Somali cat

You don’t have to like cat breeding or the cat breeds to appreciate the beauty of these cats. The Somali cat is certainly one of the best looking cat breeds. They are semi-longhaired Abyssinians with a silky double coat and despite selective breeding they have retained a normal yet glamorous appearance (they have not …

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