€30,000 taxpayer prize for the best animal torture is indefensible

30,000-euro prize for best bullfighting payable by taxpayer scraped in Spain

Bullfighting afficionados “understand even less that these forms of animal torture [bullfighting] are rewarded with medals that come with monetary prizes using public money.” The words of Spain’s culture minister (2024), Ernest Urtasun who has said that Spain’s bullfighting tradition is on its knees with only 1.9 percent of the population attending a bullfight …

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Free-roaming domestic cats in Natura 2000 sites of central Spain

Fantasy image of a part of Spains Natura 2000 network of wildlife reserves

I am referring here to a study called: “Free-roaming domestic cats in Natura 2000 sites of central Spain: Home range, distance travelled and management implications”. The study is about how domestic cats are allowed to enter an extensive network of wildlife conservation reserves and sites in Spain called the Natura 2000 sites. There are …

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Animal sentience paves the way for dog and cat support payments on divorce

Under Spanish law, dogs and cats are sentient beings and therefore a court can make an order for the caregiving of a dog in divorce proceedings when the animal goes to live with either party

When the animal welfare laws of any country state that companion animals are sentient beings, it is a great leap forward in animal rights which is clearly apparent in a recent divorce case from Spain where the reform of the Animal Welfare Act in 2021 ensured that animals are regarded as sentient beings and …

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Tough new animal welfare rules in Spain under the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Welfare of Animals

Tough new animal welfare laws in Spain

Spain has introduced what I would consider to be tough new animal welfare laws under the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Welfare of Animals. The law is controversial and I can understand why. It is tougher than animal welfare laws in the UK which is known to have some of the …

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Bull brutally gores young man who taunted the animal in a Spanish bull run celebration

Bull run

This is a stark example of karma befalling a frankly idiotic young man who is playing the macho character in messing around with a bull as it runs down a street in, presumably, Spain where they like to have bull run celebrations. In the celebrations, as you might know, young men dare to take …

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Treat the cat badly and lose the children in divorce

Cat in Spain. How was she treated?

SPAIN-NEWS AND COMMENT: Spain’s legislature has decided that when one party of a couple in divorce proceedings has made threats against a companion animal to control the other party or has, indeed, abused the family pet or pets during marriage, they may lose their right for shared residence of the children after divorce. Or …

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