Increased Female Cat Spaying is the Principal Answer to Cat Population Control

An RSPCA report states that in order for the domestic cat population to be stable (i.e. neither increasing or decreasing) the domestic cat neutering rate needs to be 92%. This means that 92% of domestic cats need to be neutered at any one time. Sadly, as at 2012, neutering rates in the UK of …

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In Germany Un-neutered Tomcats Will No Longer be Allowed to Roam Free

Stray Cat

The agriculture minister of Germany, Christian Schmidt, has declared that male cats who have not been neutered will not be allowed to leave the family home and roam free. What about unspayed females? I suppose the same rule applies. It appears that for the first time Germany has joined other countries such as New …

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Paediatric spay/neuter does no long-term harm. True or False?

It was World Spay Day on the 23rd of this month: an opportune moment to discuss this topic. This is partly a critique of the article by Jane Kelley. She implies that there are myths about early cat spaying and neutering that need to be put to bed. The operations are perfectly okay …

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Tina Briggs rescues and rehomes 15 feral kittens and cats

Black Earth, WI, USA: with the help of colleagues Dan and Judy, Tina Briggs saved, restored to health, spayed, neutered and re-homed, fifteen feral kittens and cats who were living in the local, disused Black Earth Feedmill. Living nearby she was previously involved in feeding them but soon realised that as the population grew …

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Cat Behavior After Spaying

I believe that some people are searching for information about whether a cat’s behaviour after spaying changes because they believe that a queen needs to have a litter of kittens to be psychologically fulfilled. My impression is that a segment of cat owners believe that their female cat should have at least one litter …

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Cat domestication requires that the cat undergoes surgery

This is a “cat thought” for Sunday 22nd June. It is a great day weather wise and I am in the garden. It sounds odd but the truth is that the domestic cat is ill suited to domestication unless he/she undergoes surgery. In other words the domestic cat, as born, requires modification. That is …

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