Sweet Kanga Roo: a cat with radial hypoplasia and a full, happy life

Kanga Roo

This is a super sweet cat suffering from a congenital condition called radial hypoplasia (also known as radial agenesis – see image by Sarah Hartwell at base of page). At one time there was an attempt to turn this unfortunate condition into a cat breed (‘Twisty Cats’ or ‘Squitten‘), believe it or not (but not …

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by Michael The name “Squitten” is probably less well known than the notorious “twisty cat”. They refer to the same cat, however. Apparently the press have also called these cats, “Kangaroo cats”. Although Kangaoroo cats look like Squitten cats the genetic mutation that produces the shortened and deformed forelimbs is different, we are told. …

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