Starving civilians in Gaza are hunting stray cats and dogs on the streets for food

Starving, displaced Palestinians in Gaza begging for food at a rescue center.

NEWS AND COMMENT: The Times tells us that children eat rotten food (and become sick); adult civilians hunt cats and famine is coming to Gaza. The Al Jazeera website tells us that the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees has warned that nowhere near enough provisions are entering besieged Gaza. The situation leaves 40% …

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North Korea is hell on Earth for cats and dogs

North Koreans are starving to death thanks to his policies

For three and a half years North Korea has been shut off from the rest of the world. The Covid-19 pandemic started the process. But before that they were an unknown nation. Except for the little man with a funny haircut. The world knows his appearance rather too well because he likes to develop …

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Main cause of domestic cat death at Brazilian animal Hospital was digestive system diseases

This post is over 2 pages…An interesting study published in 2018, which has come to my noticed today, states that the main cause of death of domestic cats taken to a veterinary hospital in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, was digestive system diseases (13.71%) and within this category the most common illness was …

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Brazil’s Cat Island

Brazil's Cat Island

The cats of Brazil’s Cat Island need help because the coronavirus pandemic has left them supported to a much lower level than before. Tourists who fed the cats don’t travel to the island anymore due to coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions. It is believed that the colony of semi-domesticated stray cats on this small island …

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