What percentage of cats are declawed?

Percentage of declawed cats

It is estimated that between 20 and 30% of domestic cats in America and Canada are declawed but things are changing. For example the province of Nova Scotia, Canada banned declawing very recently. The attitude in Canada is changing. Regrettably around 60% of Americans still favor declawing perhaps through lack of awareness of its true nature. Veterinarians don’t do enough to educate. please continue reading

Veterinarians Who Say Declawing Cats Saves Lives Are Lying

At council hearings where the subject of banning declawing has been debated, veterinarians represented by the AVMA, have insisted that they declaw cats because it prevents owners abandoning their cats. The argument is that owners have problems with their cats’ … please continue reading

Is the Domestic Cat Becoming Less Popular in Australia and the UK?

I recently wrote a short article about a survey which concluded that the domestic cat population in Australia was declining except in Tasmania. Not soon after I read that article I bumped into another article written by the science correspondent … please continue reading