NY woman stole a cat to save him from being euthanized at the owner’s request

woman steals cat

Introduction: the first half of this page is about the story of a nanny to a family who stole the family cat to prevent the him being euthanised. It was written and published on August 2, 2019. It is written in the present tense as of that date. The second part of the page …

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Taiwanese town where tourists abandon and steal cats on a whim

Houtong Taiwan's 'cat village'

NEWS AND COMMENT: Taiwan’s ‘cat village’ is the town of Houtong in the north. It is referred to as a ‘cat village’ because there are hundreds of cats while the population of humans is smaller. And it has become a tourist attraction because of it. It was originally a mining town but the population …

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The Imelda Marcos of the feline world has a giant collection of shoes

Cooper's shoe collection

It’s that old hunting instinct again which comes out in scavenging the neighbourhood for human items, usually socks and children’s toys but in this instance it is shoes. The fairly familiar examples of domestic cats ‘stealing’ items from homes is an expression of frustrated hunting which has come out not in hunting real creatures …

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Boys who stole Vancouver cat may face charges. And this may not be their first cat abduction.

This article goes into a bit more detail on the one posted by Michael pertaining to the boys who sneaked up on a family cat named Jack and stole him from a Vancouver, Washington neighborhood on June 5. A lot of people are upset, not only because the theft was caught on video of …

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Have you ever considered stealing a cat from a neglectful or abusive owner to keep or rehome?

Whitney's cat Boo

In other words, have you ever considered stealing someone’s cat because they are lousy cat owners? I’m convinced that any decent, loving and sensitive cat guardian of quality would, without hesitation, “steal” a cat from an abusive owner. Morally, it’s doing the right thing but technically it is the crime of theft. Legally there …

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