substances toxic to cats

Is burning incense bad for cats?

Yes, burning incense is bad for cats but the reports are somewhat conflicting and more work is needed. Please read…

3 weeks ago

Can you use suncream on cats?

This is a problematic area. You can use suncream on cats but you have to be careful about how it…

1 month ago

Infestation of slugs in the UK a threat to cats and dogs

The warm and wet weather in the UK has been great for gardeners in one respect in that it has…

1 month ago

Does passive smoking affect cats?

I am surprised that people use Google search to ask whether passive smoking affects domestic cats. Surely, it is obvious…

3 months ago

Spanish authorities have poisoned companion animals and wildlife with street disinfectant against coronavirus

SPAIN - NEWS/OPINION: It's been reported that local authorities governing the Costa Del Sol and Costa Blanca areas have sprayed…

6 months ago

WARNING: Cat guardians should beware of cosmetics containing butylparaben

Some cosmetics such a moisturisers and suncreams contain butylparaben. This chemical helps preserve cosmetics. It is described as an 'endocrine…

8 months ago

Per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are inside domestic cats and they are poisonous

A word first about per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). We are told that they are everywhere and potentially harmful in…

8 months ago

Are tires safe as DIY feral and stray cat shelters?

This is a follow up to Elisa's article on the topic, which I was prompted to write because a nice…

9 months ago

7 cats at sanctuary fatally poisoned overnight because e-cigarette was left out by guest

Nowadays we are all accustomed to the e-cigarette vaping device. The cartridges for the device contain nicotine which is very…

1 year ago

How do air fresheners affect domestic cats in the home?

Something as innocuous as air fresheners may be harming our domestic cat companions. More research is needed.

1 year ago