Sunscreen for cats and dogs is not a gimmick – ingredients to avoid

White cat in sun in danger of sunburnt ear flaps

Sunscreen for cats and dogs is not a gimmick. It is a serious business and veterinarians recommend you use it in protecting your companion animal but there are dangers and it is advised to not use products for humans as they contain ingredients which can be harmful to companion animals. In a recent survey …

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What is solar dermatitis in cats?

White cat with amputated ears

In cats, solar dermatitis is a recurrent skin disease caused by exposure to sunlight leading to sunburn. It is most often seen in white cats or cats with white noses and white ears. It is a recurrent inflammation which may ultimately predispose the cat to squamous cell carcinoma in those areas. My reference work …

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Can you use suncream on cats?

White cat with amputated ears because of cancer

This is a problematic area. You can use suncream on cats but you have to be careful about how it is used. In general, domestic cats like to lie in the sun. Cats with white non-pigmented areas of skin can suffer serious skin inflammation which the doctors call solar dermatitis. It occurs mainly on …

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