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Medieval cat butt licking

When did black cats become bad luck?

It is probable that black cat became bad luck during the Middle Ages thanks to Christianity. The fear that all black cats are agents of the devil led to the common superstition which has...

Wobo mystery cat skin?

Wobo Mystery Cat

The Wobo mystery cat is also referred to as the ‘Mendelit’ (Cat World by Dr Desmond Morris) and ‘Rnendelit’ (by Sarah Hartwell, website messybeast.com). Apparently local people in remote parts of Ethiopia, Africa, would...

Papal bulla

Did Pope Gregory IX Ban Cats?

He issued a public decree or charter (a papal bull) in 1233 in which he denounced the black cat as diabolical. In doing so he gave his official blessing to the widespread persecution of cats for 5 centuries.

Lucky cat

Why nine lives for cats?

“Cat has nine lives” refers, as we all know, to the resilience and toughness of the domestic and feral cat. It indicates that they have more than one life such is their ability to...

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