Halloween video: fun and entertaining or abusive and objectionable?

Fun or abusive?

Halloween is sadly upon us 😒😎. This holiday season does lead to some cat abuse because of the link between black cats and Halloween. It is an unpleasant association at heart because it harks back to Medieval times and the chronic and widespread abuse of domestic cats for hundreds of years. Black cats are …

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Cat superstitions – educate to suppress them

Black cat superstition in Kenya leads to cat cruelty

Cat superstitions still exist big time. They are considered to be a part of history but this is simply untrue. Nowadays superstitions surrounding the cat are tied up with a lack of knowledge of the cat and, frankly, sometimes distrust and dislike of the cat, just as was the case in medieval Europe. Education …

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When did black cats become bad luck?

Medieval cat butt licking

It is probable that black cat became bad luck during the Middle Ages thanks to Christianity. The fear that all black cats are agents of the devil led to the common superstition which has survived to the present day namely that if a black cat crosses your path, it will bring you bad luck. …

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‘Black people don’t do cats’ Discuss

Sterling Davis

Today, I feel like diversifying. Pushing the envelope as I always like to do. One way of doing it is to address topics which are rarely addressed. One such topic is whether people of colour, specifically black people, don’t really like cats or companion animals in general. ‘Persons of colour’ refers to non-white people. …

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Russia, money, banks, superstition and CATS

Russian bank promotion using domestic cats and superstitions (2014)

I’m going to combine Russia, money, banks, supersitition and cats in one article which is a bit unusual but they do go together in an odd way. The Russians appear to be quite superstitious (like a lot of nations). One superstition regards money. They believe that you can transfer energy through money (presumed to …

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Mummified walled up cats for sale on ebay. Is this ethical?

Mummified walled up cat

At the time of this post there are two mummified cats for sale on ebay. One is described as a “MUMMIFIED WITCH’S CAT – WALLED UP – GAFF 18th CENTURY” and the other as a “Real Rare Mummified Cat With Rat And 2 Mice From The Haunted Museum”. A third on offer appears to …

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Why is it bad luck for a black cat to cross your path (origin)

Black cat crossing person's path

Witchcraft is the origin of the long held belief in many countries and cultures that black cats bring bad luck if they cross your path. Confusingly the opposite belief – that they bring good luck – is also a superstition in some places. It started in Europe in the Middle Ages and during three …

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