What medicine is good for cats with arthritis? Try Seraquin


Seraquin, a joint supplement you can buy online, is highly recommended by an experienced cat caretaker/guardian who knows about cat welfare and health having been a vet tech. It is not a drug but a neutraceutical and therefore very safe (no side effects as far as I know). Ruth aka Kattaddorra says the following …

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Anti-aging Purple Rice for Cats


By Ruth Young I have been trying a new supplement that can actually be given to pets. Since being harmed by a fluoroquinolone antibiotic in February of 2014, I have added many supplements to my own health regimen with great results. A lot of these supplements are anti-aging products that surprisingly seem to work. …

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SeaCure protein for digestive issues in cats and bone broth

SeaCure for pets

With caution and common sense, sometimes, it is good to explore new ideas with the intention of improving our cat’s health and welfare. Here are two possibilities. The first, SeaCure, is a dietary supplement for humans. It has been recommended by a vet to help with digestive issues in a cat. I’d like to …

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