Veterinarians who declaw cats lie when they say the operation saves lives

Cat playing using claws

A study has found that there has been no increase in surrendered cats following British Columbia’s declawing ban. When veterinarians who declaw defend their behaviour in debates about banning declawing – usually at discussions before a proposed citywide ban or state ban – they invariably say that declawing saves the lives of cats because …

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Rare surrendering of cat and dog ‘couple’ at shelter

Cat and dog 'couple' surrendered at same time at Boston animal shelter

“They love each other. They feel calm and supported when they’re near each other…” This is another first for me: a story about a ‘couple’ – a cat and a little dog – who were surrendered together in the same carrier to a shelter because their ‘owners’ were unable to find a home for …

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Tragic owner surrender story: 16-year-old kitty may be killed at any time at NC shelter

UPDATE: Phoebe was rescued May 14 by Purr Partners Feline Rescue. Hopefully, the page will post a few updates on her. Their Facebook page is here. This is the story of Phoebe (AKA Kitty) the cat. Without your help, Phoebe may be killed at any time at the Davidson County, North Carolina Animal Shelter …

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Reasons Why People Surrender Their Pets

My newest funny-faced baby MandyLane Callie-wrong color Gypsy-deformity Tiger-doesn’t like other cats The captions to three of the above photos are some examples of why the so called “human race” throw away their loving cats. These are some of the cats I’ve had through the years and I added the captions. Good morning readers. …

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