All small cats are fully capable swimmers

Hurricane Harvey rescued cats

It is a thought: can small cats swim? Yes, is the firm answer. The answer is seen in the best-known small cat, the domestic cat. Not particularly keen to be in water but once in a very capable swimmer. It goes against the general belief of many people that cats hate water. When they …

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Are jaguars good swimmers? Bloody hell YES! Infographic and video.

Jaguars are excellent swimmers

Jaguars are probably the best swimmers of all the felines. They are certainly the best underwater swimmers. Tigers are a pretty close second. Jaguars have an extraordinary ability to swim under water in an entirely natural way as if they’ve been transformed into an aquatic animal. The video illustrates this admirably. The infographic contains …

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Doggy paddle swimming technique of the domestic cat

Video showing the domestic cat swimming technique

As you probably know domestic cats employ the doggy paddle swimming technique. They should call it the ‘catty paddle’ as well. In fact, in the era of the use of woke language and acute sensitivities about equality and sexism, I think it’s an example of speciesism to call this swimming style the doggy paddle! …

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