Ginger tabby with quadruple-kinked, short tail and a great character

Short kinked tail of 'Crookie'

I received an email from Heather about her cat’s short, quadruple-kinked tail and as there is interesting domestic cat history about kinked and shortened tails, I thought it would be nice to discuss it! Here is Heather’s email. She lives with a rare cat in the USA. They are far more common in the …

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Longhaired American Bobtail – genes, appearance and Darwin!

American Bobtail Fergie

Longhaired American Bobtail – photo copyright Helmi Flick Tailless cats have gained in popularity but they do not occupy the top eschalots of the cat fancy. When once there was the Japanese Bobtail there is now the Kurilian Bobtail as well (is this breed linked to the Japanese Bobtail?). The American Bobtail was the first …

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