Investor in cat DNA testing start-up business made about $2.4 million when it was sold

Kevin O'Leary in 2012

NEWS and COMMENT: There is clearly a lot of money in DNA testing of cats. Kevin O’Leary had a hunch that his investment into a start-up company at the time called ‘Basepaws’ would make him a lot of money. O’Leary was taking part in an American reality TV programme called ‘Shark Tank’. It’s a …

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Actor recommends a human antidepressant for a pet who’s ‘addicted to TV’

Surprised Ben the Vet

This is weird on two counts for me. Ben the Vet listened in on a phone-in agony uncle radio show in which it seems an American actor, Paul Rudd, dished out advice to a women who was concerned that her dog was ‘addicted to television’. Sounds odd. How does she know? I mean her …

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Rez dogs shot in ‘Yellowstone’ and there is justifiable anger

Mo Gives Plenty

The shooting of dogs in Paramount’s ‘Yellowstone’ was unnecessary animal cruelty. Any television programme should never show egregious animal cruelty. Ever. And this it seems is what happened in the latest episode of Yellowstone, which according to news media includes the shooting of several Broken Rock Reservation (‘rez’) dogs. The shooting of the dogs …

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