Declawing banned in Madison, WI tonight. Effective immediately.

Why kittens are born with claws and why cats need them. Poster by Ruth - aka Kattaddorra.

The good news on the declawing ban in Madison, WI comes from The Paw Project via Twitter. They are the premier organisation fighting declawing. Another step in the right direction towards a nationwide ban. It’s time the vets gave up and abandoned this obnoxious and inherently cruel surgery. It’s a national mistake. An aberration. …

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Many vets who declaw say they have never seen complications. Here is one Savannah cat example.

Savannah cat declaw repair surgery

The complications of declawing are legendary but many vets (tens of thousands and the majority of American vets) say that they have never seen complications. Where are they looking? Are they blind or in denial? It is a terrible and shameless denial of the reality of this operation. The Paw Project write on their …

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Ricky Gervais Supports The Paw Project and Encourages New York State to Ban Declawing

It is great to see the well-known comedian and actor both supporting The Paw Project and encouraging New York legislators to turn the Bill they are debating on the banning of declawing into law (a statute). The debate amongst the law makers of New York state on banning declawing is huge for all cat …

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The Paw Project – Utah Needs Your Help

The Paw Project – Utah are asking for help from people who know of cats who have been declawed and who have ended up homeless because of the complications of declawing and declawed cats who have been euthanised at local shelters because of declaw operation complications. If you have experience of these situations, The …

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The Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus is a Cat Lover

Ever since the world went to the zombies in The Walking Dead back in 2010, ladies have fallen in love with Norman Reedus AKA Daryl Dixon. Now known as the top rated television series in the world, Norman is fighting a good fight in real life in the world of animal advocacy-especially cats. Norman …

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