Persian ticked – experimental or crossbreed

Ticked Coat of Abyssinian Cat

The Persian ticked cat is an experimental breed of purebred cat. It is probably confined to a single breeder – although I don’t know for sure. There is very little information about this proposed cat breed except what is inferred by the title of the cat. We don’t have a photograph of this cat …

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Half a dozen facts about the grey tabby cat

Grey Tabby Cat Licking Foot

Here are 6 facts about the grey tabby cat… Spelling I am dictating this. The software spells “grey” rather than “gray”. That tells you that I’m in the UK although I nearly always write about American cats! That is because the best stories about domestic cats come from America and there are more domestic …

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The cat with the most pronounced ‘ticked’ coat

The cat with the most pronounced ‘ticked coat’ is the jaguarundi, a small wild cat species. The picture of a jaguarundi on this page illustrates this extraordinarily ticked coat. The cat fancy (domestic cat breeders) use the term ‘ticked’ to describe an agouti coat in which each hair strand has color banding with black, …

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