Tiffany Cat

Tiffany "Grendel"

Note: I used to have photographs on this page of a Tiffany cat whose name was Arthur. His photographs were published with the kind permission of his human guardian – Marianne. Unfortunately, the pictures have been lost because Google hosted the pictures and for some inexplicable reason the pictures disappeared. An error must have …

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My Charlotte

by Donna (Berkley, Michigan) Charlotte Charlotte A couple of years ago, I adopted Charlotte from Animal Control. Someone had given her up. She was about 3-4 months old and SHE immediately adopted ME. I thought she was just a “mutt” or maybe part Maine Coon because of the hair growing out of her ears …

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What is the difference between a Tiffany cat and a Black Maine Coon?

by Tiffany (Saint Paul, MN) I cannot tell if my 13 year old Francis that I have had since he was a kitten is a Tiffany or a Black Maine Coon? Or both? Is there a difference? Thank you! Tiffany Hi…thanks for visiting and asking. Bakground info…Sometimes you do get subtle differences between cat …

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by Diana Kretzschmar (Salt Lake City) Harvey This is my Tiffany/Chantilly Cat. I’ve always been a dog person – until Harvey. Such a good-hearted, chill personality. Not aggressive, gets along with dogs (unless he grew up with dogs before we got him). Always on his back paws in all directions. Not typical cat personality. …

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Worst than a Child

by Murray Gorringe (Ashburton, New Zealand) Don’t Disturb Me Lazy hot sunny day We have a female cat who is as bad as a 2 – 4 year old child. I will talk to you, answer you back when I disagree, storm off in a huff when I cannot get my way, run around …

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Our cat, Midnight, came with the house

by Judy M. Williams (Brookhaven, MS) Midnight Midnight on our porch Midnight showing her playful side Midnight rolling in the Summer grass Our cat has three names and is a Tiffany Cat, her names are Midnight, Miss Pompadour, and Girl. She came with the house we bought back in 2005 and when she has …

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