Why do tigers attack humans?

Tiger walking down country track after a group of women in India's Ranthambhore national park

There are two main reasons why tigers attack humans, (1) they are probably injured or infirm and have to rely on easy prey and (2) humans and tigers are being forced together because of increased human population and therefore there is human-tiger conflict. It could be argued that there is no place for the …

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How do tigers eat their food?


I’m referring to tigers in the wild eating their recently deceased prey animals. Clearly this is different to captive tigers being fed by a zookeeper. For large prey animals tigers employ a suffocating throat bite which is positioned just below the junction of the jaw and neck. It crushes the animal’s trachea. Tigers hold …

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Graphic Video: Man killed by tiger bite to head and neck trying to avoid zoo entrance charge

Tiger attack at Chinese Zoo

WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO. This was a New Year family outing to a zoo that went horribly wrong and the reason was a bizarre decision by the head of the family, Mr Zhang, to try and avoid the zoo’s entrance fee by climbing over two ten-foot-high walls which landed him in the tiger enclose where …

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Siberian Tigers Wander Across the Border to Raid Chinese Farms

The Russian government wants to get along with the Chinese government. They have similar philosophies; dictatorship disguised as a quasi-democracy. Russia also wants to get along with China for economic reasons because Europe is putting the squeeze on them financially with sanctions as a result of Russia invading the Ukraine. Russia recently completed a …

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Tiger attacks

How much does a tiger eat in a day?

Sumatran Tiger – Photo by Tom Held Tiger attacks are taking place increasingly frequently in Sumatra and other Asian countries. The Sumatran tiger, like all tigers are heading towards extinction (how many times have I said that?) because of the inevitable habitat loss. The Sumatran tiger’s habitat is the forests of the Indonesian island …

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