In Thailand tigers have lighter flames put under their noses to force their heads up for selfies

Cigarette lighter flame placed under the nose of a captive tiger to make them lift their head

NEWS AND VIEWS: In a crass example of animal cruelty in Thailand, Lady Freethinker has exposed the objectionable practice of stuffing cigarette lighter flames under the noses of tigers to force them to lift up their heads for pictures with tourists. It’s unimaginable and not only is it a violation of animal welfare laws …

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China is a CITES contracting party but should they be?

Tiger farms, China

Yes, China is a CITES contracting party. But is China playing the game with a straight bat? Is China doing what it should be doing under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora? CITES has some strengths. Its existence is an indication of the concern we have over …

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Asians who eat tiger penis soup do so because they are anxious

Tiger penis soup

The eating of tiger body parts including the tiger’s penis by some people and cultures in Asian is a consequence of their anxiety. It’s a superstition which helps to reduce anxiety and therefore there is a placebo, mental health benefit but it is the only one. It allows the person eating the soup to …

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Conservationists Who Tag Wild Animals May Expose Them to Poachers

Tagged Lion

This is an instance were conservationists can inadvertently achieve the exact opposite to their goal. It is an example where weaknesses in technology allow traders in wildlife and body parts to get the better of conservation organisations. And technology is becoming more and more useful and used in conservation of wildlife making the problem …

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Shoot the Tiger Poachers!

Bengal tiger

The Bangladeshi authorities have stepped up their fight against tiger poachers. They have to because the poachers, funded by big business, usually in China, are winning the battle. Not enough resources are put into protecting the Bengal tiger. Having stepped up their fight against the poachers, six suspected poachers have been shot dead in …

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