How many tigers live in the Sundarbans 2021?

Sundarbans Bengal tiger

It is claimed that there are 210 tigers in the Sundarbans (the combined Indian and Bangladesh portions) as at 2021 but a new count is required on the Bangladesh side, it seems. Also I would not be entirely confident about tiger count numbers. They are not that reliable. For the sake of clarity there …

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Man-eating tigers in India 2020

There are man-eating tigers in India in 20201. This doesn’t surprise me seeing as the population of India has climbed from 238 million in 1900 to 1.4 billion in 2020 despite a massive decline in the tiger population in that country over the same period. In 1900 it is believed that there were 100,000 …

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Why do tigers attack humans?

Tiger walking down country track after a group of women in India's Ranthambhore national park

There are two main reasons why tigers attack humans, (1) they are probably injured or infirm and have to rely on easy prey and (2) humans and tigers are being forced together because of increased human population and therefore there is human-tiger conflict. It could be argued that there is no place for the …

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How many Amur tigers are left in the world 2017

Amur tiger

The population of the Amur tiger is increasing. We are fortunate to have some new figures. They are reported by the Daily Telegraph newspaper online (2nd Dec. 2017). I would trust these figures, as they come direct from Russian conservationists, over the figures provided by the IUCN Red List (the usual source). The Red …

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Siberian Tigers Wander Across the Border to Raid Chinese Farms

The Russian government wants to get along with the Chinese government. They have similar philosophies; dictatorship disguised as a quasi-democracy. Russia also wants to get along with China for economic reasons because Europe is putting the squeeze on them financially with sanctions as a result of Russia invading the Ukraine. Russia recently completed a …

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Tiger Population in India

Thumbnail Photo by digitalART2 and published under a creative commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. It seems that is has always been a problem to accurately assess the wild (non-captive) tiger population in India. As I understand it, the estimate at the time of this article is 1,411 (how did they estimate down to the …

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