Bald female tiger at Waccatee Zoo, USA in urgent need of help

Bald female tiger Lila confined to concrete and steel cage the many years is desperately stressed

This really is a very distressing story. It hurts to read about it. It makes me sick to the stomach to be perfectly honest. It’s the kind of story which makes you wonder what the hell the human race is doing on this planet. It’s a story about a female tiger at Waccatee Zoo, …

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Big Cat Rescue Brings Three Needy Tigers Home to the Sanctuary

Whether they are wild big cats, or the sweet miniature predators – the domestic house kitties that grace our hearts and homes – they all need love, safety and protection. Carole Baskin, the founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue (BCR) provides her cats with all of these crucial ingredients and deeply enriches their …

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Tigers as Pets: The Pinnacle of Self-indulgence

There are many declawed and even detoothed tigers as pets. People like to think they are sort of overgrown tabby cats. They just have to have one, in the same way they have to have a new and larger car or the biggest fridge. Of course a 400 pound tiger eats 5,000 pounds of …

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