If 1 cat year is 7 human years, does a cat feel alone for 70 hours while you are at work?

If one cat year is seven human years, cats feel like they have been left alone for 70 hours while you are at work for 10 hours?

The commonly held belief is that one cat year is the equivalent of seven human years. That’s not quite accurate as this simple formula has been refined over the years. The formula isn’t “linear” (click for a good discussion on this). But for the sake of this short discussion let’s assume that one cat …

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3 reasons why cats know when you’re coming home

Cat knows when owner is coming home

We know that humans have internal clocks. That is an undisputed fact. It is not a very precise clock and so we refine it with timekeepers. It is plausible to suggest, and science supports this, that domestic cats also have an internal clock. It is the feline’s internal clock combined with their circadian rhythm …

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